Farhang Generations Council

Generations Council

Launched in 2012, the Farhang Generations Council is dedicated to the continued success, education and passion of young Iranian-Americans and the community at large. We strive to further Farhang Foundation’s mission by creating a platform for Iranian art and culture to flourish upon for our forthcoming generations.

”The Farhang Generations Council will provide a forum to celebrate and share our culture with future generations and the community at large. Our goal is to educate and promote the richness of our art, music, cuisine and more while having fun!” – Amir Hemmat, Board of Trustees & Chair of Farhang Generations Council


The Farhang Generations Council embodies Farhang Foundation's mission of celebrating and promoting Iranian art and culture for the benefit of the community at large and is committed to establishing Farhang Foundation’s legacy by preservation through generations.

The Farhang Fine Arts Council is comprised of diverse members of our community who share Farhang’s vision, with an emphasis on Iranian fine arts.  These include various visual arts, such as paintings, sculptures, collages, installations, calligraphy, architecture, photography, conceptual art, textile, printmaking and more.


Engagement: To inspire generations of proactive members, leaders and volunteers who want to share the rich Iranian culture for the benefit of our community.

Outreach: To encourage and connect younger generations through participation and fostering development of a trusted network of friends, colleagues, peers, and mentors who share an interest in Iranian art and culture.

Education: To empower leaders who will not only advocate our mission, but also mentors who will inspire the development of future generations. To explore and discover the rich heritage of Iranian art and culture by significantly appealing to young generations through poetry, painting, photography, film, new media, dance, festivals, food, courses conferences, events, celebrations, performances, exhibits, and more.

Generations Council Members:

Ali Fakhari – Chair

Parmis Khatibi – Vice Chair

Hormoz Ameri – Trustee Member

Niki Cyrus – Member

Maryam Gueramian – Member

Sanam Hadavi – Member

Amir Hemmat – Member

Aurian Khajehnouri – Member

Lailee Mavadat – Member

Saman Mazaheri – Member

Neda Rouhani – Member

Kaaveh Kevin Sariri - Member

Shadi Sed – Member



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Questions: info@farhang.org